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my name is emily and im addicted to...

i made this so we can all find out something about eachother and we can all fill it out! woo!

they call me: emily. emile. em. emmy

i reside: in middletown, CT

i listen to: emo, emocore, hardcore blah blah blah

my favourite color is: anything

fav. movie?: chicago.

fav. band?: well i really <3 the local scene and all that jazz.

pets?: yes, 2 doggies bud and spike, 2 hamsters and 2 hermit crabs! ha!

siblings?: brother, philip, age 13

hobbies: i am on a swim team, and i listen to music all day on my computer. i am also a big chuck palahniuk book freak. (fight club, lullably, invisible monsters, choke....etc etc.)

addictions?: um..*blush* cigarettes were my love.

fears: heights, not knowing what to do next. not being in control of a situation.

i love: music. chuck palahniuk. my computer. you.

i loathe: liars. fakes. cheats. people who are just crummy in general.

i wish that: i can do everything i want to.

before i die i want to: feel accomplished.


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