a star up in the sky.. (grunge_munky) wrote in hot_like_woah,
a star up in the sky..

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You're quite welcome.

If that was in regards to what I said.
Oh.. do you like this icon here.. I made it just for you. =P
I have hot clothes. But I'm not showing anyone.
I'm greedy.
But I have a lot of hats.

That is all.
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oh ps nat, i should kill you for that icon... but yeah, im not edge anymore
bahaha. why not?
because i hate kids
oh, me too!
uhm.. I'm going to take that as a compliment..
Good, you should.
Hats are ulta fun.


January 15 2004, 20:57:24 UTC 14 years ago

it's obvious from all those hats that you must have the best clothes LIKE EVER.
uh.. thanks? I don't.. but i wish.
I am going to burn that community to the ground. And then some.