True Blue (kill_wait_die) wrote in hot_like_woah,
True Blue


you know? sometimes orlando isnt so bad.....
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] alt"oeihr"/>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<img src="" alt="hot"/>

<lj-cut text="so we hung out downtown today...>

<img src=""= alt"jo"/>
you know? sometimes orlando isnt so bad.....
<img src=""= alt"oeihr"/>
<img src=""= alt"eourh"/>
<img src=""= alt"dkhfdb"/>
<img src=""= alt"duhff"/>
me freaking out
<img src=""= alt"laksufg"/>
chet looks kinda gross here, lol
<img src=""= alt"iwhef"/>
contrast is scene.....
<img src=""= alt"eurgh"/>
this one is kinda sick
<img src=""= alt"adfh"/>
look at me being all scary....
<img src=""= alt"dufgh"/>
fucking creepy......... you wouldnt wanna mess with THIS on the streets wouldja??
<img src=""= alt"lkadrj"/>
why is chet so hot?!?!
<img src=""= a;t"wejrh"/>
i had to lighten this one up..
<img src=""= alt"diuarg"/>
now its chets turn to freak out....
<img src=""= alt"qlidfhsg"/>
<img src=""= alt"difg"/>
<img src=""= alt"ifg"/>
<img src=""= alt"iyrf"/>
this picture is shhooo mageshhstick......
mirror shot...
<img src=""= alt"eqrg"/>
these are hot...
<img src=""=alt"erwg"/>
<img src=""= alt"wkugy"/>
we'll end with my fave. shot of downtown orlando....
<img src=""=alt "adifg"/>
thank you and goodXnite

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February 10 2004, 23:31:13 UTC 14 years ago

I doth thinkth yer image tags are a bit messed up, up?

No slash at the end of image tags, and when doing text for livejournal cut-tag-links, you need to put the quotation mark at the end.